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The Perlowski Files!

I Write For Me

The following article was posted by Jim on the The Chip Board on September 11th, 2012

Every once in a while I will receive an email from an individual who is active on the chip board asking why he cannot find any of my articles in the club magazine. I will also receive emails asking me when am I going to write another article about a Las Vegas experience. The questions I receive are generally from newer club members who may or may not know that I have 38 individual articles located within the category titled “The Perlowski Files!”.

This can be found here.

Before this site, Andy had been hosting my articles ever since creating the Nevada Casino Chips portal, and I want to publicly thank him for doing so. Andy gives me free rein to write what I want, when I want and has never requested I change or soften any article. I realize Andy does not always agree with what I have written, but like the true professional, he's NEVER said a word to me about changing anything.

For that I want to again thank him publicly!

Now why can’t anyone find my articles within the club magazine? The answer is easy…….I have not written any articles for the club magazine. Our club magazine is an outstanding publication. However, I write for me. I have stated this before but I wanted to state it again. Because I write for me and subsequently share my writing with whoever cares to read it.

 I maintain my independence, writing style and select the subject matter I want to write about.

When an article writer has total freedom, and I do mean total freedom, what he/she writes reflects a form of expression that could never be found within a controlled magazine environment. Does anyone honestly believe a truthful critique of our convention, if it was to contain negative comments, would ever get published in our club magazine? I think not nor in my opinion should it. I believe you understand my point. This is why I write only for me.

In the early Prodigy,  "board posting" days, certain club individuals referred to me as a “muckraker”. I was accused of having ulterior motives when I wrote about changes I wanted to see made for our constitution and procedures. Soured relationships were created over, “new ideas” and still exist to this day over the posts I wrote and the changes I suggested. I challenged board decisions and fought very hard to incorporate new ideas. Sometimes I was successful, sometimes I was not. Regardless, I was always told I was too hard on volunteers’ even if those volunteers who appeared to me to be in over their head and should never have been elected or appointed to those positions in the first place.

“Why don’t you do it”, was the standard reply and still is today when there is no other rational reply for the incompetence of one’s action.

I did not spend more than an hour at our last convention. I missed speaking with my many friends and associates but left as soon as I picked up my dealer badge and my wife’s pre registration package.

I don’t know but I’m sure it is me.

I’ve lost a little interest and am tired of trying to correct, what I believe, is the direction our club is heading. I did manage to spend a few minutes with our President Doug Smith, a fine individual, who I am proud to have as a friend and leader of our organization. He works hard at improving the organization and making the changes.