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The Perlowski Files!


The following article was posted by Jim on the old Prodigy Board on January 16th, 1997

Cal Lombarbi built Cal's Gin Mill in 1966. I realize Harvey Fuller's "Index of Nevada Gambling Establishments" lists a place called Cal's Food and Cocktails started in 1955. I do not believe this was Mr. Lombarbi's establishment.

When Walter Tobler opened the Rancho Inn, Cal Lombarbi leased gaming space from him under the name Cal's Food & Cocktails. A practice that was not uncommon in the 1950's. Cal could have operated some games such as poker with Wendell operating the Craps, Blackjack, etc. I believe this is why the first chips of Cal's were Christy & Jones as well as the chips of the Rancho Inn also being C&J's. Cal's Gin Mill was built AFTER the Rancho Inn burnt down, this is why I believe Cal put a "new chip" with a different mold in play.

Cal ran Cal's Gin Mill, which was a stone throw away from the Rancho Inn. The two establishments were both located near North Las Vegas Blvd and Pecos in North Las Vegas. Cal's Gin Mill was larger than the Rancho Inn and had a full size antique crap table along with two or three Blackjack games. The usual number of slots and a special bar that had U.S. Silver dollars imbedded in the top.

Cal ran this place until 1980. He than leased it to a woman for a year who renamed it Cal's Jackpot. The table games were no longer active and ceased to exist when this woman took over.

In 1982, Cal took Cal's Jackpot back and ran it with an off and on Blackjack game and slots. The reason it was an off and on Blackjack game is because it was only opened when Cal himself was there to deal. This was usually on the weekends. Cal's closed in August of 1996.

Las Vegas 1955