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The Perlowski Files!

A Separate IRS Code Section 501(C)(3) Entity

The following article was posted by Jim on the The Chip Board on July 20th, 2015

I have been reading the many posts involving “change” for our organization. It never ceases to amaze me WHY the same old ideas and suggestions come pouring forth from club members who do not bother to research the archives or check other references as to what has been discussed before.

Often, I have been as guilty as “you”. I believe this is caused by a certain degree of laziness. However, I can easily forgive this laziness because many of us do not have the time to track down what has happened in the past. 

Let’s take this following suggestion by Westen: 

“The MOGH could be a real boost for the hobby but not under the current Club BOD structure... it will be tough. In my opinion… if it has any chance at long term organizational success it will need to be financially independent of the Club and have its own 501c3 in Nevada. It will need its own founding BOD and own membership program with levels of support. BOD stays… unless asked to leave by being voted off. It will need to start with an Executive Director with experience as such. Someone who has done the work before… who knows the grant system and how to grow a 501c3 organization.” 

I agree 100%. I have made this suggestion so many times to past Boards, Presidents, Officers and anyone caring to listen including discussions with my CPA associates.

For whatever reason, the current board as well as past boards has rejected the suggestion of creating a separate nonprofit entity for what was to be our “clubhouse” idea.

The idea of a clubhouse has mortified into this MOGH. I honestly don't know whether I support the MOGH. Individual club members have poured their hearts, time, money and efforts into attempting to make the MOGH a successful project. 

The sensitivity in formulating or making any suggestions turns into a hostile debate with unkind comments. Those who are in charge of the MOGH project defend everything and anything they do. If one makes a statement or a suggestion, it is taken personally and the battle of words ensues. Neal and Charles are, in my opinion, not objective when it comes to discussion about the MOGH. It’s OK with me to have that defensive attitude. However, don’t forget MY donations as well as other club members who donated funds for a clubhouse may not care for the current approach and development of putting exhibits in casinos or whatever. 

If there was a separate nonexempt entity club members would not have to concern themselves with any of these ideas and suggestions. The separate entity could have its own communication board, its own fund raising activities and deal with those members who join, donate and give of their time and effort to make the MOGH a successful endeavor. They would be free to obtain the services of experts in the field of tax-exempt entities without having to debate club members who really have no interest in this project. 

Individuals would be free to join and not worry about our club's general funds being spent or allocated for studies and/or obtaining grants. This was previously done without much success.

It could have its own membership rolls and members of our organization could be free to join and keep both memberships. 

With a separate Board of officers all ideas such as Weston’s could be discussed and carried out without concern as to HOW it would affect our organization. If the MOGH is a success GREAT! If it should fail, it would not affect our nonexempt entity. This has been one of my concerns since the inception of this idea. Mixing both entities is, in my professional opinion, a dangerous and foolish idea. 

In my opinion, this should be accomplished as quickly as possible. I am open to any discussion either publicly or privately involving this suggestion. This is a serious suggestion and its ramifications could be enormous. I am not posting this to cause an argument or hostile debate. I am posting it because I have been concerned for a long time about how the MOGH could jeopardize our own tax exempt status. Thanks for taking the time to read. If this should turn into a debate....please be kind and professional so that everyone reading this communication will know we are a quality organization.