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The Perlowski Files!

The Clique


The following article was posted by Jim on The Chip Board on October 16th, 2018

“Can someone enlighten me? Who exactly is in the clique? I have to say it gets tiresome to hear people point fingers at some vague and undefined group. “

Michael Siskin

I am going to attempt to answer Mike’s question to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, there will be some who will feel the NEED to attack what I have written as well as myself with a reply.

You see the main problem is many within our organization state they are for constructive criticism so progress can be made in improving our organization and its activities. However, the reality is these individuals do not want to read or hear ANY criticism constructive or not. They only want to read positive statements and opinions so as to create an artificial atmosphere “of everyone gets along” on the chipboard.

If anyone should criticize the convention or any of its elements YOU are terrible. After all volunteers put it together so therefore shut your mouth. Maybe YOU should volunteer instead of stating anything that is construed as negative. You pay to get into the banquet. The food is $hit but keep your mouth shut so you don’t discourage others from buying a ticket. Instead of improving the food to encourage more attendance…………they lie and tell everyone how wonderful and good the banquet was. You speak with others who went. They tell you it was horrible but they refuse to say so in writing. So on it goes.

They develop the Museum of Gaming History (MOGH) to save our hobby. They don’t want your opinion if you disagree with this concept. Many previous club magazines show one or two new members signed up through the MOGH yet this is going to save our hobby. Honestly????

These individuals believe criticism is negative and discourages potential members from joining. They only want to read or hear positive statements regardless of whether or not they are true. If you should harbor an opinion different than the norm THEY profess you are considered a trouble maker or someone who wants to destroy the organization.

They honestly believe in their twisted logic that saying something critical is akin to discouraging membership and fostering an atmosphere of complaining and negativity. These individuals are who I believe make up this so called group “The Clique”. The clique sees EVERYTHING involving our organization through rose colored glasses. They don’t criticize or try to say; hey does anyone out there have any ideas? So when the few believe them they write something and then get blasted and told it will never work, we tried it before, or in essence shut up and go away.

They then threaten to resign because no one appreciates them, they tell everyone how ungrateful your comments are so after a while you really just shut up.

So I guess Mike the clique are those who really don’t want to read anything that even suggests something critical or something that goes against what they profess to be the best for the club. After all why didn’t you run for office? You didn’t so kindly keep your comment to yourself.

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