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The Perlowski Files!


10 things I know are true but cannot prove


The following article was posted by Jim on the The Chip Board on July 11th, 2020 

1) My friend Walt Gonski posted an opinion on the Chipboard regarding selection to the Hall of Fame of our Organization. In essence he said that politics determined who was selected for being drafted into the Hall of Fame. In my opinion, no truer words were ever spoken. It appears the criteria for selection is vague and allows individuals who really did nothing unique but their job as a volunteer or Club Officer to be selected as a Hall of Fame recipient. Something is seriously wrong!!! The Hall of Fame selection should be based upon lasting Club contributions. Books written, articles written, contributions of initiation like Jim Munding establishing a chip show before there really was an organization. Items of significance that will be remembered long after the person is gone. If you read some of the contributions of current Hall of Fame inductees you will have to stop yourself from laughing because the contributions read like a job description. How they were selected was indeed politics. Will it ever change, I doubt it. The politics of our organization are so strong that constructive change will NEVER HAPPEN in any area of our club.

2) I believe our Organization is at a very important point in its development. I read a post on the official club board that said funds were expedited for an activity that were expedited years ago for the same activity. WHAT??? This is just plain bull sh$t. I believe it is time to take a look at what the heck is going on. I donít like the Clubís internal audit process. I donít like the lack of independence in looking at receipts and money. Individual club members signing off and saying everything is OK is really not how it is done. When is our Organization going to do it right????? I was told our Club Officers are bonded, is this correct? If not, they should be.

3) I miss Doug Smith. He was often a pain in the butt always making comments on the board disagreeing with me, Et AL. However, his presence was there. Unfortunately, our current club President has maybe made three posts since the first of the year. I realize he may be busy but let us know YOU are alive and care.

4) I am a professional. When I worked for IRS I met with casino executives everyday dressed in a suit or sport coat and tie. I am old school and I believe we are judged on how we are dressed and the first impression we create. I want our club officers to be dressed professionally when meeting with casino executives for whatever reason. These Officers represent me and all club members. The impression they create will determine whether our club goals will be obtained or laughed at. Something wrong when are only MOGH exhibit is set up at the Spinettiís. Get a haircut, a shave, put on some professional clothes and accomplish the Clubís goals. If you donít want to do that, resign and let those who realize the importance of a first impression take over.

5) I knew Eric Rosenblum a long time. He was a Real Estate Attorney who was our Club Attorney. For years I believed he was the individual who obtained our IRS Code Section 501(C) (3) Tax Exempt status. It was not until after he died that I learned it was his ex-wife who worked in the tax department of the same law firm who did all the work in obtaining the tax exempt status. I guess it doesnít matter because it got done. However, now I realize why he fought me so hard in my wanting to break out the MOGH and create a new tax exempt entity. If any type of scandal should take place in the MOGH or our organization, it will reflect upon both organizations. If anyone is worried about the money, members of both organizations, can govern both organizations.

6) The book I am writing has hit a snag in reference to selection of photos. Probably will delay for a few months. Such is life! Itís a good book and truly reflects the life of my friend Richie Schwartz.

7)  I have broken down and am wearing a mask even though I honestly know it is doing nothing. I do have a problem and want to know where our Governor is getting the authority to pass such directives WITHOUT the Nevada State authority passing legislation and giving him the authority to do such directives. It appears to me Nevada is becoming a Fascist State and needs some checks and balances to stop such bullshit.

8) I want to give Pam G. credit for a beautiful presentation of her collection. I am sure she accomplished two goals. One documenting everything both her and her husband own and be able to provide evidence for insurance purposes. Pam you have a beautiful collection and should be very proud of what you accomplished. Also, I love the personal touch of the little stories that add a GREAT touch to what you have accomplished. WELL DONE!!!

9) I miss all my friends and fellow collectors who have passed away. It is very lonesome with all those GREAT people gone. They will not be forgotten. Their contributions to the hobby are outstanding. Many of them should be in the Hall of Fame. Letís see if any changes will be made or politics will rule. We already know the answer donít we?

10) Thank you for reading this post. I realize that it may pi$$ off some individuals. Get over it!!!! If you care about our club you will take what I have written seriously and make whatever changes you feel are necessary.