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Good Morning Everyone,

It appears my good friend Andy Hughes can no longer update his web site, I guess Andy has a “new” computer and the software or something will not allow him to update information. As most of you know, from time to time I write articles, post them for anyone who cares to read them on the chip board, Andy would take them and post them under “The Perlowski Files” banner on his web site. Over the years Andy has done a terrific job and I hate to lose his support.

The last three articles I wrote unfortunately did not get posted before Andy purchased his new computer. I asked David Spragg if he would be interested in hosting “The Perlowski Files” but he told me he has too much on his plate. I realize one of my posted articles did not place David in the best light, but I am sure that is not the reason he turned me down.

From his slate of activities, I am sure he is buried.

Therefore, I left this task to my Son.

I do not charge anything for my articles. I know that everything I write will be posted accordingly. I sometimes write controversial articles about our club. It sometimes upsets people. However, I am sure they eventually get over it. I had planned upon doing several more boxing articles as well as articles about the many memories I have with various casino owners, Damien Runyon characters such as Eskimo, and IRS projects such as the W2-G study I did in 1977.

Anyway, Welcome to the Perlowski Files and drop me a line to tell me what you think.


James Perlowski Sr.